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Biography Information: For starters this gorgeous busty babe was born in Buena Park, California 1990 an her real name is Alicia Maria Kozlowski. She is an actress, dancer and model. She get asked the same question all the time and that is are you breasts natural. The answer to that question is yes they are 100% real, natural and the size is 34D.

Before all this acting and modeling that she is doing now… there was a dancing. She began her dancing in the age of the four. From that age and forward to the high school age she performed in a various venues. Well at the high school she attended to the Orange County High School. It was the place where she could study all the possible forms of dance from hip-hop to ballet.

In the modeling industry she got only cause it was a bit slow at that moment in the dancing industry. Besides that there were peoples around that told her that she is pretty and need to get into modeling… well cant argue about that, she absolutely gorgeous. These days she could not be more happy about the decision she made and she is living a dream. All can be said is that bright future is waiting this girl in modeling industry as there is nothing impossible with such a sweet and pretty appearance as she have.

At the moment beside the modeling she have also appeared in the various music videos. Another thing she mentioned that she is kind of a tomboy and most of the friends are the boys. What for the boys who want to date she noted they gotta be funny guys with cute smile… and the ones with bad breath gotta go. Another thing is that she do not like when men wear much jewelry.

Hope that you liked this collection with the images that i have collected around the net and tried to do best in finding all of her hottest images possibly. Sure there were not much of the naked images, but had plenty of those topless shots and bikini shoots. Now for the end i have some bonus material that you would like to check out.

Well here is one really unusual video of babe bouncing her booty and boobs at home. Sure the quality of it is not the best, but this is home made video, so it can be understood. Anyway she look really cute in those undies and you might like to check her out.

See Her Sexy Dance Video

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